The CredibleBH software benefits your entire organization rather than just one group. Processes and efficiencies across the organization are improved through the system. Because of this, Credible’s software can be utilized by any department within the practice in terms of Clinical, Financial, IT, and Executive departments. Rather than dictating its clients’ workflow, CredibleBH works alongside them.


CredibleBH – Accessible Solutions

If you work in a clinical, financial, IT, or executive department of your practice, Credible’s software will help you optimize your practice. 

Clinical Solutions: Clinicians lead hectic lives. Hospitals need EHR platforms that are web-based, easily accessible, and infinitely configurable today. The CredibleBH offers clinicians different solutions to help them be more productive and less stressed at work. 

The Credible application can be configured to handle anything from greeting patients to arranging aftercare after they leave the clinic. The Real-Time Management feature allows you to perform assessments, analyze treatments, document interventions, monitor progress, and keep your entire team aware at all times.

Executive Solutions: The executive management team and board meet with Partner representatives several times a year to discuss market trends, industry challenges, and your organization’s business issues. In this Partnership, they will help you simplify billing, reporting, and compliance and enhance your ability to provide excellent patient care.


Financial Solutions: The official business software helps to ensure that your business is started quickly, smoothly, and correctly. You can even get help closing books on your first month from them, as they provide setup, payer testing, and training. They also oversee rate changes for state and federal government payers, as well as new billing initiatives. The company also hosts webinars and distributes a monthly newsletter detailing current and upcoming federal and state initiatives. 

IT/EHR Solutions: By constantly monitoring and optimizing their systems, Information Technology (IT) team ensures best-in-class service reliability. The Partnership ensures your technology keeps functioning, so you can continue doing what you need to do.